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The runner ups with their Masters tickets


First match played at Old South Golf course.
Team Dornoch: Niall Campbell, Lyle McAlpine, Cameron Hook, Neil Mccleod, Cameron Sutherlan, Bertie Kennard,William Short
Team Hilton Head: Taylor Whitehead, Rachel Uremovich, George Hirsch, Philip Norh, Kevin Bruderer, Tanner Crum, Chris Kitter, Brandon Travor 

The Morcott Challenge
2009 Cup



the coaches and captains play their role for Royal Dornoch Convener Mike Thomas and Coach Gary Dingwall and for Hilton Head Convener Rocky Whitehead and Coach Butch Hirsch with
the founding members JIm Ferree and Woody Morcott. 



Both teams after completing their single match plays

The Cup was won by the host team with a total score of 36 1/2 to 11 1/2.



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