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The 2012 cup was played in July 2012, hosted by the Royal Dornoch Golf Club/Scotland, with a practice round on July 10, and the matches started July 11 through July 13th.
The cup was played during the week of the Scotish Open at Castle Stuart/Inverness which gave the teams the oppportunity to attend that tournament on Saturday and Sunday, July 14th and 15th 2012.

The Morcott Challenge
2012 Cup

Hilton Head Island Players:
-JD Lehman
-Matt Lehman
-Russell Freed
-Wesley Long
-Kyle Eichelsbacher
-Bryson Nimmer 
-Ben Montgomery
-Will Miles 
Royal Dornoch Golf Club Players:

-Jack Ross    

-Steven Clark   

-David Clark    

-Corey McApine

-Glenn Murray

-Sandy Mackay 

-David Stoddart   

-Dana Stoddart

The 2012 Morcott Challenge was narrowly won by Team Hilton Head. After the final match, Hilton Head retained the Cup with the victory over Dornoch by only a point! During the week's stay in Dornoch, the Scottish players took the visiting team to visit the Dunrobin Castle near Dornoch. After singles matches, on Friday night, the teams gathered for the closing ceremony and the experienced some Scottish heritage through music and dancing. To close out the week, both teams went to the Scottish Open on Saturday to watch some links golf. 

The Conveners for the Morcott Challenge 2012 Cup were Drew Freed for Hilton Head and Peter Hayworth for Royal Dornach Golf Club. The coaches were Craig Lehman for Hilton Head and Gary Dingwall for Royal Dornach Golf Club.
The results for the 2012 Morcott Challenge:
  •  Fourballs at Royal Dornch on Wednesday, July 11- Hilton Head: 7 1/2 Dornach 4 1/2
  • Foursomes at the Struie Course on Thursday, July 12- Hilton Head 5 Dornach 7         
  • Singles at Royal Dornach on Friday, July 13- Hilton Head 12 Dornach 12
                                                 Final Score: Hilton Head 24 1/2 Dornach 23 1/2



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