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Teams:   US - Hilton Head:   Coley Davis, Philip North, Chris Kitter, Brandon Traver, Kevin Bruderer, George Hirsch, Jason Fick and David Clark (Guestplayer)
Royal Dornoch: Ruaridh Richardson ,Callum Burnett, Lyle McAlpine, Corey McAlpine, Neil MacLeod, Glen Murray, Stephen Clark, Iain Stewart  

The Morcott Challenge
2010 Cup

Day 1



Convener and Coach of both teams: Ernst Bruderer, Peter Haworth, Gary Dingwall, Butch Hirsch


The captain of the winning team, Ruaridh Richardson,  giving his acceptance speech

The 2010 Cup was won by the Team of Royal Dornoch with a total score of 27 to 21. The Hilton Head Team won the single match play on Friday but it was not enough to catch the Scots! However 5 Hilton Head Players played on Saturday the Brora Junior Open and took the first 5 Places.
Congratulations Team Royal Dornoch. 



Team Dornoch and Hilton Head on their cultural visit to Dunrobin Castle.



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